Harshad Shirwadkar

Seattle, WA

Hi! I'm Harshad. I live in the beautiful city of Seattle and work for Google in the kernel storage team. As a part of my work and as a hobby, I contribute to the development of upstream Linux kernel. Here are the patches that I have contributed to the Linux Kernel. I also like to play piano. Please check my music page for my collaborations with other musicians.


Google 2019 - 2020

Worked on adding a new journalling scheme for Ext4 file system that improves Ext4 performance in data=ordered mode. These patches are merged into upstream linux kernel.

Google Summer 2020

Mentored an intern and later enhanced their work to add a free space tree based allocator for Ext4 file system. The patches are in review.

Carnegie Mellon University 2015-2016

Improving HTTP/HTTPS by leveraging Content Addressability of eXpressive Internet Architecture(XIA), an inter- net architecture proposed by CMU to natively support Evolvability and Information Centric Networking principles. Also designed and implemented caching service, reliable transport and content distribution for XIA Network Stack.

PebblesOS - a UNIX like operating system

Carnegie Mellon University 2015

As a part of Operating Systems Course (15-415) at CMU, wrote a unix-like operating system from scratch. PebblesOS boots in VirtualBox and has a default shell implemented. Code can be made available upon request.

Pune Institute of Computer Technology 2010 - 2011

Designed and implemented Read-only Snapshots for Ext4 file system


Senior Software Engineer 2016 - Present

I am a part of Google’s storage team responsible for developing low level software including file systems, block layer features for Google’s production servers and GCP.

Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Student Researcher 2015 - 2016

Worked with eXpressive Internet Architecture team at CMU on various Network and Transport layer issues in XIA Network Stack.

AirTight Networks

Senior Software Engineer 2011 - 2014

Worked on various driver level and application level features for Wi-Fi access points and WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems)

  • Content Analytics - In driver connection tracker and HTTP/HTTPS parser
  • ARP spoofer - Driver level ARP spoofer for WIPS
  • Wireless Event Handler - Designed and implemented a inter-module communication framework based on UNIX sockets for AirTight AP
  • Bandwidth Control - Designed and implemented bandwidth control feature for AirTight AP
  • Debugged critical field issues in Wi-Fi driver and host ap daemon.
Google Summer of Code

Student Software Developer 2011

Designed and implemented Snapshot revert feature for Next4 file system.

Carnegie Mellon University

Master’s in Information Networking 2014-2016
Courses: OS Design and Implementation (15-415), Computer Networking (15-551), Probability and Computing (15-359), Storage Systems (18-746)

Pune University of Computer Technology

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering 2011-2014